9.30 | 6.30 – Virtual Coffee Networking Morning


Grab your morning coffee and jump into this 1:1 networking session to make new connections, exchange virtual business cards and maybe even see a friendly face or two!

10.00 | 7.00 – Chair’s Opening Remarks: Progress Seen Over the Past 12 Months & Why We Should Be Excited About What’s on the Horizon


  • CTCs, circulating nucleic acids, exosomes and proteomics: Changing trends in the liquid biopsy for precision oncology space
  • What can recent FDA approvals tell us about future opportunities for the industry to grow?
  • Which new clinical applications for liquid biopsies are on the horizon for 2021?

Technological Advances Supporting Clinical Trial Data Collection

10.15 | 7.15 Opportunities for Liquid Biopsy Across the Continuum of Care


  • With the successful clinical adoption of LBx in late stage cancer, attention is now turning to opportunities earlier in the patient journey
  • Earlier stage cancers require integration of several biomarkers to deliver appropriate sensitivity
  • Progress is being made to generate the evidence to support clinical adoption, but regulatory and reimbursement hurdles must also be overcome

10.45 | 7.45 – Integrating Liquid Biopsy as Part of a Clinical Development Strategy

  • Howard I. Scher, MD, FASCO Head, Biomarker Development Program Attending Physician Department of Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


  • Identifying opportunities in targeted therapeutic development where liquid biopsies work to compliment efficacy demonstration and perceived safety profile of a therapeutic in a target population
  • Which challenges have been identified and been successfully overcome conducting trials incorporating liquid profiling assays?
  • The future of liquid biopsies: Complementing or replacing the tissue as the ‘gold standard’

11.15 | 8.15 The Realities of Running Next Generation Liquid Biopsy Panels in Clinical Trials

  • Leeona Galligan Vice President of UK Operations, Almac Diagnostic Services


  • Challenges of demonstrating adequate analytical performance of the panel
  • The importance of adequate specimen collection and stabilisation
  • Data analysis pipeline considerations for liquid biopsy panel

11.35 | 8.35 – Panel Discussion: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in Precision Medicine

  • Kim Blackwell Chief Medical Officer , Tempus Labs
  • Brent Witgen Site Head and Director of Laboratory Operations , Foundation Medicine
  • Shubha Chaudhari Head of Digital Transformation , Novartis
  • Partha Das Medical Director, CDx & Biomarker Strategy, Amgen
  • Shirin K. Ford Head, Clinical Biomarkers & Companion Diagnostics, Global Oncology R&D, Daiichi Sankyo


This panel discussion is designed to bring value to all leaders in healthcare looking to unlock the potential of their team, career and business. Through tapping into multiple diverse perspectives and experiences we can accelerate innovation and drive progress in the provision of care.

12.15 | 9.15 – Speed Networking Break


Grab a morning coffee/tea and enjoy this whilst meeting fellow industry and academic experts. An opportunity to network, discuss and collaborate with like-minded leaders, enjoyed from the comfort of your own home!

12.45 | 9.45 – New Technologies for Detection of Circulating-DNA Biomarkers, With Minimal Sample Size Requirement

  • Mike Makrigiorgos Professor and Director, Medical Physics & Biophysics Division, Harvard Medical School


  • As the potential of liquid biopsies for prognostic, predictive or early cancer detection applications grows, so does the demand for technical advances to accompany the burgeoning range of applications
  • We present new developments that enable targeted re-sequencing for liquid biopsy applications at a fraction of the current sample size and cost, while retaining sensitivity and specificity
  • Examples for detecting microsatellite instability and low-level mutations
    in circulating DNA will be presented

13.15 | 10.15 Utility of Blood-Based Proteomic Profiling for Early & Late Stage Lung Cancer Treatment

  • Trevor Pitcher Director, Medical Affairs and Medical Information, Biodesix


  • Importance of interpreting the host-immune response from blood using mass spectrometry coupled with AI
  • Utility of blood-based proteomic biomarkers for both early stage and late stage lung cancer treatment decisions
  • Application of proteomic analyses in biomarker research, clinical trial enrollment and real world diagnostic testing

13.25 | 10.25 – Prospectively Collecting and Linking Real-World Clinical, Genomic, Imaging and Outcomes Data, and Longitudinal Biospecimens, to Understand Disease Biology, Treatment response and Fuel Drug/Assay Development


  • Building a prospective, linked, longitudinal data- and bio-repository for lung cancer
  • Novel clinical trial design leveraging real-world data
  • Role of liquid biopsy in collecting longitudinal genomic data in the community oncology setting
  • Opportunities for future applications in trial design & linked data collection

13.55 | 10.55 – Exosome-based Digital PCR for FGFR Testing in Bladder Cancer

  • Ronny Kellner Senior Scientist, Research & Development, dPCR Assay Development , Qiagen
  • Daniel Enderle Scientific Director, CDx , Exosome Diagnostics


  • A new therascreen workflow is developed using liquid biopsy and digital PCR
  • Exosome Diagnostics GmbH (Sample and Extraction Technology),
    STRATIFYER GmbH (EU Clinical Pathology Network) and QIAGEN (Assay
    Technology) collaborate on this project
  • First results of an ongoing clinical study on FGFR alterations are presented

14.25 | 11.25 – Detection & Utility of Blood-Based Biomarkers in IO

  • Jonathan Badan Senior Director, Pharmacodiagnostics & Precision Medicine, Bristol-Myers Squibb


  • ctDNA Applications for Early and Late Stage disease
  • Current and Emerging Technologies
  • Utilization of Blood-Based Biomarkers in Clinical Trials

14.55 | 11.55 – Networking Break – Whilst enjoying a bite to eat, you can take part in:


  • 121 Pre-Scheduled Meetings With Our Event Partners: Take part in 1:1 networking with market leaders pioneering exciting advances in the liquid biopsy space
  • Group Networking: Join your fellow attendees for groups discussions reflecting on the morning’s topics. Collaborate and connect to consider applying new ideas and innovations to propel your pipelines forward.

Creating Consistency in Pre-Analytical Protocols & Downstream Analysis

15.15 | 12.15 – A Public-Private Consortium to Develop Quality Control Materials for Circulating Tumor DNA

  • Chris Karlovich Associate Director, Molecular Characterization Laboratory, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer


  • The goal of the FNIH Quality Control Material (QCM) project is to develop a universal set of well-vetted, quality control materials (QCMs) for the liquid biopsy community
  • The project is proceeding in 3 phases; Phase 1, a performance evaluation of the QCMs, is complete and the results will be presented
  • Phase 2 (a functional characterization study) and Phase 3 (a real-world clinical pilot of the QCMs in 10 academic and commercial laboratories) are in the planning stages and the designs will be presented

15.45 | 12.45 – An Update From BloodPAC: Defining Industry Standards in Testing Technologies for Reproducible Results


  • A review of pre-analytical minimal technical data elements (MTDEs) affecting assay result
  • Working towards reproducibility and repeatability of testing by creating industry-wide standards
  • Addressing patient and clinical context variables

16.15 | 13.15 – Chair’s Closing Remarks

16.20 | 13.20 – Networking Reception Led by Guardant Health