Why Join the Growing Liquid Biopsy Community?

Back for its 5th year, the digital Liquid Biopsy for Precision Oncology Summit, is comprehensively addressing (more than ever before!) end-to-end industry challenges to accelerate the translation of liquid biopsies supporting adoption of targeted treatment interventions into clinical practice.

With technical advancements picking up the pace and excitement surrounding the target identification and treatment decision-making opportunities this creates, discover how you can harness latest technologies to expedite and refine your clinical programs.

What’s New for 2021?

  • Identify opportunities for blood-based testing to enhance candidate clinical development where these is high unmet need including in CRC, NSCLC, Pancreatic and Prostate cancers
  • Discover how patient access can be optimized through effective commercial and clinical activities to set your 2021 strategic direction
  • Dive into latest consortium work defining pre-analytical protocol and downstream analytical standards so you can see reproducible and reliable results
  • Stay ahead of the broadening industry application curve and hear how NGS, PCR and AI/ML based assays with improved sensitivities and selectivity are revolutionizing biomarker detection
  • Connect and collaborate with your industry peers over three-days of high quality content, interactive panels, dynamic roundtables and 5+ hours of dedicated networking time

Liquid biopsy based bio detection is improving for all predictive blood-based biomarkers. Addressing opportunities for earlier diagnosis, timely treatment decisions, refined trial design and patient selection makes this year’s summit your one-stop-shop to remain at the forefront of the field.

Join 150+ of your drug development peers from translational research, biomarker, early trial design and clinical oncology departments striving to translate the clinical application of non-invasive liquid biopsies into a medical practice.