About the 2024 Event

With increased liquid biopsy approvals and investments, there remains a critical need, their potential for early disease detection, real-time monitoring and personalized treatment has reached an inflection point.  To further increase patient access to precision drugs, there remains a critical need for higher sensitivity, clinical validation, regulatory harmonization and improved market access for patients.

As such, the 8th Liquid Biopsy for Precision Oncology Summit returned as the definitive industry-led forum to address these challenges and covered the full end-to-end of liquid biopsy development with exclusive content including:

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Exploring innovative biomarkers for precision oncology to enhance disease progression understanding for guided treatment responses.

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Utilizing novel multiomic and AI/ML technologies to detect circulating biomarkers at an increased accuracy to enable early and precise disease prognosis.

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Benchmarking surrogate endpoints in clinical trials to predict accurate clinical outcomes and tailor precision oncology for improved survival rates.

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Navigating the reimbursement and regulatory landscapes through cross sector collaborations to expand commercialization and access to biomarker testing.

This event was the end-to-end most comprehensive event for the liquid biopsy community, where you would have joined 250+ Heads, VPs and Directors of Translational Medicine, Precision Oncology, Bioinformatics, Computation, Companion Diagnostics and more to contribute to the field’s advancements, support commercialization, market access and reimbursement efforts to improve disease diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment options to improve patient outcomes.

What Was New in 2024?

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Your Peers Focussed on Accelerating Liquid Biopsy Pipelines

Transforming assay sensitivity, specificity and accuracy using multiomics and AI/ML to detect clinically actionable biomarkers for enhanced disease prognosis and diagnosis with BioAtla, AbbVie, Genentech & Lantern Pharma

Harnessing innovative liquid biopsy applications in early oncology assets to expedite robust drug development to revolutionise cancer treatment with Bristol Myers Squibb & Zai Labs

Accelerating the commercialization of liquid biopsy tests by adequately navigating global regulatory and reimbursement landscapes to broaden patient access and adoption with Independence Blue Cross, Novartis & Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicines

Bridging discovery and translational to improve biomarker and clinical validation to drive wide-spread and cost-effective implementation of liquid biopsies with Regeneron & GSK

They met and learned from pioneering diagnostic and solution providers who shared the same goal of advancing precision medicine for patients such as Guardant Health, Foundation Medicine & Grail