Join the Growing Liquid Biopsy Community

As non-invasive diagnostic testing and liquid biopsies improve the detection and diagnosis of cancer, monitoring treatment responses and robustly informing patient selection in oncology clinical trials, the 4th Liquid Biopsy for Precision Oncology Summit unites leaders to accelerate the translation and improve the clinical application of liquid biopsies.

With liquid biopsies impacting the entire value chain of oncology drug development, discover the latest technologies and case studies demonstrating how to harness the improved specificity and sensitivity through the characterization of liquid biopsy samples and blood-based predictive biomarkers, such exosomes, CTCs and ctDNA.

Key topics of discussion include…

  • Enhancing clinical studies with improved sensitivity and sensitivity for accurate marker identification
  • Standardizing pre-analytical steps to maximize reliability of trials and sample quality
  • Building clinical trials to effectively prove the clinical utility of liquid biopsies
  • Maximizing access and utilization of liquid biopsies through effective commercial strategies
  • Meeting the needs of the clinician to improve patient-centricity and standard of care

Learn how to optimize the clinical research applications of liquid biopsies, such as real time monitoring of patient treatment response, clinical trial design and patient selection and validate predictive biomarkers to expedite drug development timelines.

Join your drug development peers from translational research, biomarker, early trial design and clinical oncology departments who are striving to translate the clinical application of liquid biopsies into a patient reality.