Coming 2019

Improving the Standardization, Clinical Validation & Commercialization of Liquid Biopsies to Enhance Patient Stratification, Diagnosis and Monitoring with Circulating Biomarkers

The 2nd annual Precision LBx Summit will unite the biopharma, clinical and diagnostic worlds to champion the application of liquid biopsy testing, across biofluids, biomarkers and disease indications, as the needle shifts on the gold standard of personalized healthcare testing.

Join leaders in the liquid biopsy and molecular pathology communities on a journey to develop and stratify patient responders with circulating biomarkers, standardize tests to be more specific, sensitive and reproducible and prove the clinical utility of liquid biopsy testing.

The 2nd Precision LBx Summit is a must-attend for biomarker, clinical, translational, diagnostic and pathology experts looking to overcome the following hurdles in their daily work:

  • How to standardize pre-analytical methodologies to ensure reliability of results
  • Validating the best assay platforms and technologies out there, aligning the applicability of their sensitivities and accuracies to your needs
  • What are the next generation of biomarker signatures and how are these being applied to stratify patients and make patient-centric clinical decisions
  • How to use the information derived from liquid biopsy testing to make meaningful decisions from clinical trial design and execution to implementing a shift in treatment regime

"A fantastic event both in terms of science and networking opportunities. Highly recommended to everybody working in the “biomarkers to diagnostics” field."
Biomarker & Diagnostics Event Series Attendee