Fast-Tracking Your Test Approvals & Reimbursement Path with Strategic Partnerships to Benefit Patients

The 7th Liquid Biopsy for Precision Oncology Summit returns as the largest and most comprehensive forum for all stakeholders in the field to tap into the promising opportunities that revolutionize the entire cancer patient care continuum from early translation all the way through to clinical development and commercialization.  

Expect exclusive data from KOLs on the most recent developments in the utilization of liquid biopsies for early detection, prognosis and treatment. Join 150+ pioneers from the likes of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, BloodPAC, NuProbe and many more as we explore key scientific, technical, regulatory and commercial challenges associated with progressing precision oncology pipelines harnessing liquid biopsies.

Andrea Stevens

Director - Precision Medicine Access Strategy


Brian Baker

Sr. Director, Regulatory Affairs

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Carl Barrett

Vice President, Translational Science & Oncology


Elizabeth Attias

Chief Strategy and Development Officer

Sermonix Pharmaceuticals

George Vasmatzis

Co Director - Biomarker Discovery Program

Mayo Clinic

Jean-Francois Martini

Senior Director, Translational Oncology Lead, Global Product Development


Julien Senac

Global Director, IVD Focus Team & Strategic Account Manager


Lauren Leiman

Executive Director


Mark Stewart

Vice President, Science Policy

Friends of Cancer Research

Qu Zhang

Director - Clinical Biomarkers & Immuno-Oncology


Sarah Paul Shagan

Senior Scientific Manager - Biomarker Lead


Zhenhao Qi

Director, Global Companion Diagnostics Lead Global Companion Diagnostics Global Oncology R&D

Daiichi Sankyo

Key Areas of Focus 

With more companies investing in their technologies to innovate ways to address key analytical, sensitivity, selectivity and accessibility challenges of liquid biopsies, this is a pivotal time to unite with 200+ key decision makers and discuss the following topics: 

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Improving assay sensitivity, specificity and accuracy to detect clinically actionable biomarkers  

LBx Favicon

Integrating liquid biopsy into clinical development plans  

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Developing robust partnerships to commercialize liquid biopsy in precision oncology 

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Establishing regulatory, pricing & reimbursement strategies for novel therapies & diagnostics 

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Moving towards a more equitable provision of care where biomarker testing is made more accessible