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The time is now for liquid biopsy. Government backing, international consortia established and early clinical applications validated in NSCLC. The question is no longer whether liquid biopsy can bring a new dynamic to molecular pathology and personalized healthcare, but how can we reap that benefit now?

Many challenges lay ahead in the road to clinical implementation: robust patient stratification for truly targeted therapeutics, standardization of pre-analytical methodologies to drive reproducibility and accuracy of testing, validation of assaying platforms and the establishment of a commercially viable LDT and IVD diagnostic market.

The 2nd annual Precision LBx Summit will build on the liquid biopsy working group established last year to continue to bring together the leaders in the field from pharma, biotech, Dx companies and healthcare and be the home of multi-stakeholder and pan-industry collaboration for liquid biopsy, molecular pathology and precision medicine experts.

Showcasing case studies across different biomarkers, biofluids and disease conditions, Precision LBx 2018 will build the narrative on how to improve the standardization, clinical validation and commercialization of liquid biopsies to enhance patient stratification, diagnosis and monitoring with circulating biomarkers.

Who is the Precision LBx Summit For?

The Precision LBx Summit platform is designed to bring together all stakeholders who have a say in the liquid biopsy and precision medicine industry. That is the only way to truly progress the narrative and work of the field. At the meeting in San Diego you’ll meet:

  • Drug developers looking to harness circulating biomarkers to robustly stratify potential responder populations and advance biomarker-driven drug development
  • Clinicians looking to utilize liquid biopsy testing for diagnosis and disease, treatment and resistance monitoring and understand how to create accuracy and specificity of testing
  • Diagnostic manufactures looking to discover the latest clinical need and understand the regulatory and reimbursement paradigm for non-invasive diagnostic testing
  • Laboratory scientists looking to streamline the standardization, validation and implementation of liquid biopsy tests into their workflows

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