19-20 February, 2019 | San Diego, CA

Building on previous years’ successes, the Precision LBx Summit is back once again as the premier scientific and networking forum dedicated to advance the clinical utility and industry applications of liquid biopsies.

Bringing together biomarker, clinical and diagnostic precision medicine leaders from pharma, biotech, healthcare and Dx companies, the 2019 Precision LBx Summit will focus on these key topics:

  1. Demonstrating reliability to advance the clinical utility of liquid biopsies
  2. Improving the clinical utility of a plethora of CSF, urine and plasma-derived biomarkers from cfDNA to exosomes
  3. Overcoming sensitivity and specificity challenges to progress the clinical applicability of liquid biopsy diagnostics
  4. Exploring liquid biopsy applications beyond oncology in various neurological indications
  5. Understanding the key developments required in improving clinician confidence in liquid biopsies as diagnostic tools

For pathologists, laboratories and oncologists at leading academic medical centers, Precision LBx 2019 will provide you insight from leading researchers and clinicians pioneering the development and standardization of liquid biopsy clinical testing, and the use of these assays to inform treatment decision making. The summit will help you get ahead of the curve as the precision medicine community dedicates an ever-increasing focus to non-invasive methods.

For translational, biomarker and diagnostic professionals at big pharma and biotech companies, the meeting will provide you access to precision medicine experts at the forefront of exploratory and clinical R&D work to harness circulating biomarkers as predictive signatures and develop liquid biopsy assays as diagnostic and monitoring tools.