19-20 February, 2019 | San Diego, CA

You Want to Attend but Need to Convince Your Boss? No Worries – We’ve Got You Covered

We see and hear about it all the time. You’re excited to attend Precision LBx, either for the first time or as a returning member of our community, but your boss is throwing up some obstacles.

In demonstrating the purpose, value and outcomes of the meeting to your boss, we can help:


“I can personalize the content to match my needs, questions and objectives.”
Precision LBx covers all aspects of non-invasive therapeutics from predictive biomarker discovery, uncommonly utilised biofluids like CSF and urine, clinical utility, applying liquid biopsy beyond oncology and ensuring your technology is specific and sensitive enough for your application. You can find the sessions you want to be part of, tailoring your own agenda to your onsite learning objectives.


“I’ll meet the who’s who of the field.”
You’ll open up a diverse and powerful array of contacts and network opportunities at the meeting. The Precision LBx community is a tight-knit and exclusive club, built with its partner meetings on a 9-year foundation, that consists of the leading pioneers in the precision medicine field. The unique size of the meeting onsite ensures you’ll get quality face-to-face time with the people who can unlock your biggest obstacles.


“I can bring back value to more than just our function.”
You can’t achieve a precision medicine goal on your own. It uniquely requires multiple teams to come together to succeed: trans med, biomarker, clinical development, biostatistics/analytics, clinical operations, regulatory affairs, commercial, market access and more. In line with the content scope, you’ll meet and hear from experts in all functions, ensuring you will take back actionable information to help your wider team achieve its goals.

We also have group discounts between 10% and 20% when you attend as a team!