January 30-31, 2018
San Diego, CA

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Circulating exosomes and exosomal microRNAs as biomarkers in gastrointestinal cancer

“The most important biological function of exosomes is their possible use as biomarkers in clinical diagnosis…”

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Risk stratification in myeloma by detection of circulating plasma cells prior to autologous stem cell transplantation in the novel agent era

“The impact of circulating plasma cells (CPCs) prior to autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT) for multiple myeloma has not been defined…”

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AB0248 Circulating Cell Free DNA; A Marker To Predict The Therapeutic Response for Biological Dmards in Rheumatoid Arthritis

“Conclusions: Increase of ccfDNA at 8 weeks-period was associated with improvement of disease activity…”

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Diagnostic and prognostic role of cell-free DNA testing for colorectal cancer patients

“We evaluated the presence and integrity of plasma cfDNA by ALU-based qPCR and the methylation profile of OSMR and SFRP1 genes promoter in a large cohort of colorectal cancer (CRC) patients…”

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Comparison of the quantification of KRAS mutations by digital PCR and E-ice-COLD-PCR in circulating-cell-free DNA from metastatic colorectal cancer patients

“Circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) bears great promise as biomarker for personalized medicine…”

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Profiling lung adenocarcinoma by liquid biopsy: can one size fit all?

“We bioinformatically profile the mutational and copy number spectrum of The Cancer Genome Network’s lung adenocarcinoma dataset to uncover recurrently mutated genomic loci…”

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Circulating Microvesicles Are Elevated Acutely following Major Burns Injury and Associated with Clinical Severity

“Blood samples were obtained from patients with moderate to severe thermal injury burns, with severe sepsis, and from healthy volunteers…”

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ESR1 mutations: Moving towards guiding treatment decision-making in metastatic breast cancer patients

“Functional studies revealed that these ESR1 mutations lead to constitutive activity of the ER, meaning that the receptor is active in absence of its ligand estrogen, conferring resistance against several endocrine agents…”

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Circulating tumour cells as biomarkers of prostate, bladder, and kidney cancer

“Potential clinical applications for CTC analysis include early cancer detection, disease staging, monitoring for recurrence, prognostication, and to aid in the selection of therapy…”

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